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 Golden Rays Mission Board

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Team Mistral
Team Mistral

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Golden Rays Mission Board Empty
PostSubject: Golden Rays Mission Board   Golden Rays Mission Board EmptyWed Jun 22, 2011 2:23 am

Rescue Missions for the Guild of Golden Rays

"Hey, we're in a surfing tournie
and we're short one dude! Come and help us out!"

Client :: Buizel
Dungeon :: White Grain Beach
Floors :: 5
Rewards :: 250 PD

"My pendant was dropped to the bottom
of the ocean! I can't get it. Go find it, please!"

Client :: Ducklett
Dungeon :: Sun-Touched Ocean
Floors :: 11
Rewards :: 500 PD + ???

"Waaaahhh! He stole my dolly!
I want it back!"

Client :: Scraggy
Culprit :: Tyrogue
Dungeon :: Fiery Range
Floors :: 15
Rewards :: ??? + ???

"I want to meet up with my best friend,
but you know, it's a little hot at his place. Escort me?"

Client :: Oddish
Dungeon :: Volcanic Mountain
Floors :: 8
Rewards :: 700 PD

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Golden Rays Mission Board
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