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 Fallen Leaves Mission Board

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Team Mistral
Team Mistral

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Fallen Leaves Mission Board Empty
PostSubject: Fallen Leaves Mission Board   Fallen Leaves Mission Board EmptyWed Jun 22, 2011 2:11 am

Rescue Missions for the Guild of Fallen Leaves

"These pokemon are accused of multiple accounts
of robbery and disturbing the peace. Find them at once."

Client :: Major Ninetails
Culprits :: Throh & Sawk
Dungeon :: Magic Hill
Floors :: 20
Rewards :: ??? + ???

"I want to go see my step-sister.
Take me to see her."

Client :: Girafarig
Dungeon :: Golden Woods
Floors :: 12
Rewards :: ??? + 200 PD.

"You there, simpletons, I demand the item
required for my evolution. Rumor has it there is a hidden stash
of such items. Find it and bring one to me, at once!"

Client :: Vulpix
Dungeon :: Sparkling Forest
Floors :: 23
Rewards :: ??? + ???.

"I'm hungry- I- I wanna go hommeee~."
Client :: Ralts
Dungeon :: Mudslide Hill
Floors :: 4
Rewards :: 200 PD.

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Fallen Leaves Mission Board
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