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 Mission Guidelines

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Team Mistral
Team Mistral

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PostSubject: Mission Guidelines   Mission Guidelines EmptyWed Jun 22, 2011 2:09 am

It wouldn't be a mystery dungeon roleplay without rescue missions, now would it? c:

Every rescue team must do their part, two missions a month are required to partake in the plot and other site activities. You'll find, however, that the missions are quite easy to select and finish, and a fun part of the site.

The first thing you need to do is go and select a mission. Go to the guild of the region that your in. For example, if you are in the Guild of Shimmering Ice, you are going to go find "The North" and click your guild name below. This is your the headquarters of all the teams in your guild.
Next, your going to click the first topic. The "Mission Board'. All the rescue missions for your guild will be posted here. To take and reserve a mission, go to your guild territories ( For Shining Snow, this would be "The Artic") make a topic there with the mission statement as the first post.

The mission statement would look something like this.

"Help! I've been tipped and I can't get up!"
Client:: Miltank
Location:: The Artic - Frost Cavern Fl. 13
Rewards:: Over 9000 PD.

[/bricked for the terrible reference]

  • A paragraph of about 4 sentences per floor. This should be extremely easy to do.
  • There must be a pokemon fight for every 3 floors your on. It doesn't have to be that a random pokemon gets the rush to jump out at you every 3rd paragraph, just make sure you have enough enemies in your mission. Feel free to make "monster houses" (Where the whole damn dungeon attacks you at once) or spread the amount to wherever you like. Be creative!
  • You cannot find items in the missions. No random stashes of poke or oran berry trees. Things would get way out of hand. If your mission is super-special-awesome, the mods will award you some extra things.
  • Try to it interesting; We're going to be reading a lot of them. :3

When you've finished writing your mission, post it all on the board where the rescue was assigned and inform a moderator it's completed with a link to be graded~. Color these missions in RED and be sure to copy the original mission plea in your written mission.

As said before, " - As you write missions, you will receive either 5 or 10 points PER floor per mission. If you do a mediocre job on a 10 floor mission, you'll have 50 points. As you gain points, you will receive a new rank as you get the amount.- "

As you gain more points, you will rank up. Normal to Bronze teams can only take missions from their own guild. When a team reaches a rank of Silver, they may take any mission from any board.

With all that covered, get out there and have fun! :3
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Team Oblivious
Team Oblivious

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PostSubject: Re: Mission Guidelines   Mission Guidelines EmptyWed Jun 22, 2011 9:23 am

Each territory have different dungeons. Here is a list.

^ Dungeons with an up will be dungeons you climb, ascend, or walk into. These will be like mountains, forests, and the like. Please sure to write to these appropriately. There are NO random stairs in the middle of nature, lol.

v Dungeons are dungeons that you descend in. Like caves, oceans (you must buy Scuba Gear unless you're a water/aquatic Pokemon) and lakes, deserts, flat/meadow-like land, and islands.

The Artic

Frost Cavern 20 Fls v
Shimmering Tunnel 14 fls v
Frozen Mountain 34 fls ^
Winter Waters 22 fls v
Terror Tundra 54 fls v
Snowtipped Hill 29 fls ^

The Rainforests - Volcanic Range - Ocean

Fiery Range 20 fls v
Volcanic Mountain 59 fls ^
Sun-touched Ocean 44 fls v
The Rainforest 30 fls ^
The Desert Area 20 fls ^
Whitegrain Beach 10 fls v

The Moors - Woods

Flowering Garden 10 fls v
Sunbathed Meadow 26 fls of Deerling v
The Swamp 49 fls v
Overgrown Woods 24 Fls v
Happy Hill 8 Fls ^
Green Moor 17 fls v

The Forests

Golden Woods 12 fls v
Magic Hill 24 fls ^
Elder Mountain 48 fls ^
-Pokemon come here to study with the Five Elders, (Gardevoir, Medicham, and Lucario) and uncover their wisdom and secrets. Miss M. is rumored to be the fourth. The fifth is unknown.-
Sparkling Forest 32 fls v
Traveler's Bane (Tower) 70 fls ^
Mudslide Hill 4 fls ^v (you go up it, and then slide down on a Shellder Moo La)

Peach -3- Plum
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Team Oblivious

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Mission Guidelines
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