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 Guide to the Summer

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Guide to the Summer Empty
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Summer - Time

Guide to the Summer 170px-322Numel

A vibrant, fun time, full of sun, vacation, and growth. After Spring has been reborn, Summer is ready to take the spotlight. The sunlight, that is. Except in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Life. To access the beaches -- and volcanoes-- of Summer, you have to. . . how you say, go'on dowon South.

Slide through the bustle of city life, and you'll eventually find a sandy path. As you follow it, note your surroundings. All around you, are palm trees. The white path eventually branches off into three different paths. Each one leads to a different area. The right-most one, leads to the ocean and the beaches. The second path, in the middle, leads to the rainforests, which take up most of the South. Past there, are several volcanoes. Don't worry. Nothing too horrible. The last path, to the left, leads to the rest of the South--- The Desert, where it borders the West region.

There are four indigenous types to the Southern Region. These include the Fire type, the Ground type, the Rock type, and finally the Poison type. The sunny weather is regularly interupted by intense thunderstorms, and the humidity and heat is almost unbearable. Unless you're a fire type, of course. . . The village is on the beach, and the Mayor Litwick is supposedly the authority figure, but due to his small size and choice of Everstone, he is never really taken seriously. The town kind of governs itself.

The Guild of Golden Rays is only accessible through one entrance, and it's through a cave on the beach. Once you've found that, you'll enter--- and fall through the sand. once you fall, torches will be the only light you see. The dark caverns will lead to the underground Guild that the mighty Arcanine, Redfang of the Desert Tribe of Arcanines and Growlithes, governs the Guild with an iron fist, much to the dismay of his loyal companion, Mr. Desjardins.

Legendaries are as follows;

Moltres F

Groudon M

Jirachi M

Palkia F

Manaphy F

Heatran M

Victini F

Reshiram F

Tornadus M

Thundurus M

Landorus M

Cobalion M

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Guide to the Summer
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