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 Guide to the Winter

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Winter - Time

Guide to the Winter 180px-613Cubchoo

A time of family, protection, and perseverance. Getting ready for the Winter is what Autumn's all about, so now that the food is stored and the family is safe, it's time to lock the doors and set the fire. However, when you travel North in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Life world, you'll fine that it's Winter all the time.

Skating past the City of Life, you'll begin to slip up. The air is crisp and dry, chapping your lips (assuming you even have them), and stinging your nose. The ice path that lead from the city is beginning to dissolve, and all you can see is a blanket of white snow, with a few pine trees that are snow-tipped, scattered around the area. Two Glaceon run past you, paying you no mind, and going on with their business. It's unlike anywhere you've ever been before. And it's extremely cold. The town past the trees is made of wood, and each of the chimneys are smoking. Even the ice type Pokemon need some warmth. The Northern Pokemon live simply lives of luxury, and they are overlooked by the humble Kimono, or, Mayor Froslass.

The five common types found in the snow, tundras, and caves of the Northern region include the Ice type, the Steel type, the Water type, the Dark type, and the Dragon type. It's blizzarding almost all the time in the Winter Region, and even when it's not, it's good to stay indoors.

The Guild of Shining Snow resides in this region. Immediately north in the North, the ice palace that the Guild calls headquarters sits in the middle of the tundra, where it is always snowing. A wealthy Jynx, called Lady Lola, owns the huge castle and is the Guildmaster, allong with her secretary Snivellus the Swinub. The Teams in the Winter Guild are given a life of luxury and pampered, which makes them a little less of a rescue team compared to hardworking teams. They generally go after the biggest-rewards, rather than to help. However, these Pokemon tend to be colder and more ruthless, making them strong willed and never backing down.

Legendaries are as follows;

Articuno F

Suicune F

Lugia M

Regice F

Reisteel M

Kyogre M

Azelf F

Dialga M

Palkia F

Kyurem M

Genesect M

Cobalion M

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Guide to the Winter
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