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 Honchcrow's Baby - Frozen Mountain

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Team Oblivious
Team Oblivious

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Honchcrow's Baby - Frozen Mountain Empty
PostSubject: Honchcrow's Baby - Frozen Mountain   Honchcrow's Baby - Frozen Mountain EmptyThu Jun 30, 2011 11:20 pm

"The bird pokemon always circle around the region,
it's tradition, but somewhere along the way I lost my child. Find her!"

Client :: Honchcrow
Victim :: Murkrow
Dungeon :: Frozen Mountain
Floors :: 7
Rewards :: 400 PD

The Smoochum held the paper in her arms, studying it carefully. There was nothing else to it, but Peach wasn't so sure. As her partner, Plum the Slowpoke, shivered beside her, she looked up at the large mountain. A spiral, frozen rock path circled the hill, escalating into the clouds. Looking indifferent, Peach said, "Let's hope Murkrow is close to the ground. I don't like heights." She frowned after saying so.

"Yeah. . . no heights. . ." Plum gulped. He was already shivering due to being deep in the Artic, whereas Peach was just fine, but seeing the mountain was a deal breaker for him. Why couldn't a flying Pokemon have taken this mission? For their first job, this was pretty risky. Peach had chosen the job at random, and Plum had went along with it. Maybe, that wasn't such a good idea. But good ideas were hard to come by when dealing with Team Oblivious.

"Well, lets get started!" Announced Peach, causing Plum to jump slightly, and a few Pidgey to fly out of the trees behind them. The Smoochum tottered up to the base of the mountain, and began on the spiral-incline in it. "Are you coming, slow-poke?" Plum nodded, but Peach started giggling. "Ahahaha! You're a Slowpoke, get it? Ahahaahaahaah!" She stopped laughing ubruptly, and stumbled up the icy path. Plum followed her, not laughing or getting it at all, and took a minute to catch his footing, as he almost slipped a few times.

As they ventured up the slope, laughter sounded from behind. Peach looked around to see who it was, but no one was there. Odd, but the happy-go-lucky Smoochum pranced off without a care. Plum was going as fast as he could, but Peach was still a few feet ahead, whenever a blue blur stabbed the ice by Plum's head.

"Haha," The Sneasel laughed at him, as Plum shuffled away. The Sneasel readied a Faint Attack, but the time it took to gather the energy was enough for Plum to use tackle, sending the thing skidding backward. Plum tried to run away, as Peach came back for him, but the Sneasel was almost back to them, with a murderous glance on his face. "Hey yo, JoJo, ova' here! I've got two little Explora's!" As the Snease half-laughed it, a Delibird, JoJo, sphered down next to Peach, expressing contempt on his cruel face. His beak was longer than a normal Delibird's and had several scars on his face. "Aw, these ah' wimpy ones, Jerry!" He laughed harshly, like nails on a chalkboard.

Jerry laughed as well, but Peach acted quickly. Ice from the ground gathered at Smoochum's hand, and hardened onto it. Shining and sparkling, her Ice Punch collided with the beak of JoJo, knocking him over. Landing unsteadily, she looked over at Jerry, who was staring daggers at her. He charged, but Plum widened his mouth, and let out a Yawn, making both of the strange Pokemon sleepy. JoJo fell asleep immediately, and Jerry dropped to his knees, drooped his eyelids, and curled into a ball. Peach looked at them sadly, and pulled them together, allowing them to rest on the mountain, and walked over to Plum, popping off the tip of his tail, allowing it to regrow, and pulling another one off. He didn't notice as she placed them next to the Pokemon, and kissed them both on the head.

"Why'dja do that?" A young, female voice asked. Standing behind Plum, a petite Murkrow was looking at Peach quizically. Peach shrugged.

"They looked sad," The Smoochum said. "And Plum's tails always cheer me up." She spun on her foot, and widened her eyes. "You're Murkrow!!!!" She said cheerfully, nudging Plum.

"Ya-hah! Yayyy!" He cheered.

"C'mon, we gotta get you to your mommy. She's looking for you!" Peach said, and Murkrow nodded.

((Sorry it's so short. .3. Lost muse towards the end xDD And yes. It's more than 28 sentences. I did everything right. 7 floors = At least 2 enemies, 28 sentences, right? :3 Grade fairly Ebonyzer.))

Peach -3- Plum
Honchcrow's Baby - Frozen Mountain Spr_4h_238 Honchcrow's Baby - Frozen Mountain Spr_4h_079
Team Oblivious

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Honchcrow's Baby - Frozen Mountain Empty
PostSubject: Re: Honchcrow's Baby - Frozen Mountain   Honchcrow's Baby - Frozen Mountain EmptyFri Jul 01, 2011 1:45 am

When they would return to the guild headquarters, a rather worried honchcrow would greet them at once, spilling tears of relief over them.
"Oh, thank you!" she exclaimed, pulling a small pouch from out behind her wing. "Here's your reward, I hope it'll do you some good." Inside would be the promised 400 PD.
Meanwhile, two rather put down pokemon were starting to wake up, a little shocked to see a few helpings of frozen slowpoke flesh laying just for them.

( Good first mission, Moo... :3 It looks good.
Though... Prepare to be owned. ;3 )

... .3.

+400 PD
+ 35 Points
+ 1 Levels each


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Honchcrow's Baby - Frozen Mountain
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