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 Your Exploration Starter Kit

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Team Oblivious
Team Oblivious

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PostSubject: Your Exploration Starter Kit   Your Exploration Starter Kit EmptyTue Jun 21, 2011 6:28 pm

Here's a guide to what you need to know to start your exploration team. ^_^

After you've received and written your team bios and gotten them approved, it's time to start on everything else on your creation. First of all, Team Info and Items.

This is how it should look;

Team Example Mission Points 0

- You will start with 0 Mission Points. As you write missions, you will receive either 5 or 10 points PER floor per mission. If you do a mediocre job on a 10 floor mission, you'll have 50 points. As you gain points, you will receive a new rank as you get the amount.-

Team Rank Normal Rank

-Normal Rank - Beginner
Bronze Rank - 100 pts
Silver Rank - 300 pts
Gold Rank - 1600 pts
Diamond Rank - 3200 pts
Super Rank - 5000 pts
Ultra Rank - 7500 pts
Hyper Rank - 10500 pts
Master Rank - 13500 pts
Guild Master Rank - 15000 pts
IT WILL NOT BE EASY TO GAIN RANKS. It depends on your writing. If you're level 100, you may still be in the Diamond Rank for all you know.

Team Leaders
Your Exploration Starter Kit MDP025 Your Exploration Starter Kit MDP300
LV: 1 LV: 1
-Levels will be gained for every 10 floors on missions you do. You must fight at least 2 Pokemon every 10 levels in order to gain the level. You can also gain levels by having a topic at the dojo. Once it is finished, every member involved will gain one level. You can do this twice a week.-

-No recruits to start with. You will gain one recruit offer every four missions you do. Mods will choose which Pokemon it is, and it had to be one you fought. You can accept or decline the offer. You may only get up to sixteen recruits in all. No exceptions.-

5000 Poke
-You'll start out with 5000. And after that, the reward will be listed on the missions you do. A list of this will also be included in the Dread Bank records.-

Apple [4]
Oran Berry [2]
Reviver Seed [1]
-A list of item uses will be used for reference. You start out with those. You may buy from Kecleon Shop or get rewards from missions in order to add to your inventory. -

0 days old
-Refer to egg guide. You may get these from a ??? mission.-

-You won't have any to begin with.-

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Team Mistral
Team Mistral

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PostSubject: Re: Your Exploration Starter Kit   Your Exploration Starter Kit EmptyTue Jun 21, 2011 9:05 pm

There are over 100 tms and hms for you to collect.
They may be obtained either through missions or bought at the Kecleon brother's shop when available.
Anyone move may be learned by any pokemon, to a certain extent, no your slowpoke cannot start flying.
They will be explained further later on.

Apples, Berries, and Seeds.
Apples are used for rescue missions, while berries and seeds can also be used for missions,
they are also able to be used in everyday roleplay.

  • Regular Apples - Should be eaten every 3 floors in a mission to prevent exhaustion; unless you have...
  • Big Apples - When eaten it provides the team the strength to move 5 floors.
  • Enormous Apples - Allows a team to move 10 floors at once; very rare fruit.

  • Cheri Berry - Heals paralysis
  • Chesto Berry - Heals sleep
  • Oran Berry - Heals a Pokemon slightly.
  • Pecha Berry - Heals a poisoned pokemon.
  • Rawst Berry - Heals a pokemon's burns.
  • Sitrus Berry - Heals a pokemon completely.

  • Doom Seed - Lowers level by 1; rare.
  • Golden Seed - Raises level by 5; extremely rare.
  • Joy Seed - Raises level by 1; rare.
  • Life Seed - unknown
  • Plain Seed - No special effects.
  • Reviver Seed - Revives a fainted pokemon.
  • Sleep Seed - Forces a pokemon into sleep.
  • Stun Seed - Enters a pokemon into a paralyzed state.
  • Totter Seed - Turns a pokemon confused.
  • Vanish Seed - Temporarily makes a pokemon invisable.
  • Warp Seed - Can move a pokemon wherever it desires, in missions, to the next floor.

May be used in and outside of missions.
  • Pretrify Orb - Causes the target to go into a state of paralysis.
  • Blowback Orb - Sends the target flying back.
  • Sandy Orb - Starts a Sandstorm.
  • Hail Orb - Starts a hail storm.
  • Rainy Orb - Creates a rainstorm.
  • Sunny Orb - Instantly turns the weather bright and sunny.

Used to either satisfy your pokemon's sweet-tooth or evolve a pokemon in need of happiness. c:
5 Gummies of the same type must be eaten to evolve certain types of pokemon.

Example;; For a pichu to evolve into a pikachu, 5 yellow "electric" gummies must be eaten.

They can be earned from missions or bought from the shop when available.
More info;; [x] [x]

Evolutionary Items
Some pokemon need certain items to evolve, this items can be earned on missions or bought from the shop at certain times.

More info;; [x]
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Team Oblivious
Team Oblivious

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PostSubject: Re: Your Exploration Starter Kit   Your Exploration Starter Kit EmptyTue Jun 21, 2011 10:04 pm

Moves are used very much, but most of the time only on NPCs, so there will not be any dice rolls. You should be realistic whenever fighting, of course, because if three Purrloin attack your Pikachu and Skitty, a doubleslap and a thunderbolt won't be enough to take one down.

You will be able to retain ALL of the moves that your Pokemon learned naturally, one egg move, and up to eight TM moves that it is compatible with.

You can only have ONE egg at a time. If you complete a mission that offers an egg, you will receive 5000 Poke instead. Eggs will be cared for by CiCi's Nursery Team, and you will post the egg there. There are many different kinds of Eggs, that the staff will be borrowing from PokeFarm. Here is an example of an Egg you will get from a ??? Mission.

Your Exploration Starter Kit Togiegg
That's obviously a Togepi, right? Some eggs you'll be able to tell with, but the Staff will NOT tell you directly. All eggs will take 14 days to hatch, while Normal Type Eggs and Dragon Type Eggs will take an extra 5 days (19). It is up to you to make the edits, and it is not required to do it everyday. Maybe, every three days, change the age of your egg. Once it hatches, the moderator will tell you the ability, gender, and egg move of the baby. You will have to do another creation for each recruit and baby you get.
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PostSubject: Re: Your Exploration Starter Kit   Your Exploration Starter Kit Empty

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Your Exploration Starter Kit
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